Bring people to Zozi, just copy your referral link here and distribute it legally, however, it is important to learn how to do it correctly without giving the impression of intrusive advertising, and even more so without using spam, we are against spam.
For example, you can ask your friends on your social media pages, forums and other public platforms what cashback services they use and whether they use at all, and then describe the benefits of the Zozi service to those who are interested. Zozi is a guarantee for the biggest cashback, an opportunity to get cashback from everything: food, utilities, taxis, it is an opportunity to earn money on tasks without making purchases at all, it is a bonus of 200 ₽ and the ability to withdraw from 1 ₽.

You can create your own YouTube, TikTok, Instagram channels, VK communities, Telegram chats dedicated to any topic you are interested in, place a link to the service in them and sometimes advertise unobtrusively. It's not easy, but in the future you will be able to receive honest, passive income, and not just save money. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4