We chop the truth and open our eyes. The whole truth about cashback reviews and, in general, about reviews on the network).
Attention! This post is written so that you do not fall for deception, manipulation, or simply the subjective opinion of underdeveloped people.
If you came to this page, then you probably entered search queries like: Zozi reviews or zozi reviews cashback, in other words, you searched for information with reviews about Zozi.ru cashback service for personal analysis of the service. Below, we will tell you where to watch reviews and why.
And so, where to choose products and services by reviews:
1. The fact is that many companies have not only ordered positive reviews about themselves for a long time, but also negative ones about competitors, moreover, when a competitor is better, nothing else is left, and it’s very easy to circumvent any protections to fake clients. easy on simple resources. Often, such articles, blogs, and reviews can be distinguished by: verbal diarrhea: which the text is full of, these are the so-called search tags, like: "Reviews about the cashback service of Zozi", "Zosi is a divorce" or "Cashback Cheating, Cheating, Scam." In fact, we are doing the same thing now: we fill in the text with search tags so that when you enter similar queries in the search engines, you will be given our page, and not custom pages or fake reviews.
2. To distinguish custom reviews and blogs from real ones, in general, is a difficult and long task, it is difficult even for large companies, so you should trust only the largest resources, and there are only 3 of them:
1. Testimonials in Google Play

2. Reviews in App Store

3. Reviews in Yandex maps
At the moment, these systems are almost impossible to wind either negatively or positively. The fact is that all suspicious reviews do not miss special filters, and the filters there are very serious, for example:
1. Reviews are deleted from accounts that write reviews too often.
2. Feedback from accounts that have spent too little time in the service about which the review is written is deleted (these resources can be tracked).
3. There are blacklists.
4. Machine learning (the so-called artificial intelligence, although this is not artificial intelligence).
5. Banal "SPAM" buttons, when clicked, you can send any review for verification.
6. Well, the last, as you understand, these companies are unrealistic to bribe, that is, there is no doubt about their honesty in any business sphere.
Do not let yourself be deceived - do not feed the agencies and managers who are engaged in maintaining the reputation of companies on the network, especially since they work for your money! Yes, yes, that very additional margin on goods and services includes budgets for manipulating the consciousness of naive people.