⚡ You can lose cashback if you use:

1. Non-classic Chrome or Safari browsers. In other, even well-known browsers, features that interrupt your cashback may be enabled by default. For example, tracking the best price, antivirus, ad block.

2. VPN.

3. Ad blockers.

4. Functions of definition or comparison in the browser. Such as best price, seller reliability, price history, etc.

5. Antivirus (if configured incorrectly).

6. Anonymous mode (with blocking the transmission of cookies).

7. Did not read the rules of the store. The fact is that each store pays for certain categories and under different conditions. It is important to study them, the store rules are located right on the cashback activation page.

8. Added the product to the cart before activating the cashback.

9. Used a coupon or promo code. Obtained outside of ZOZI and the store itself. Then your cashback can go to those who distributed this promotional code.

10. Followed links on the Internet after activating the cashback.

11. Paid for the purchase with a card or wallet that has a special increased cashback for this store. It is better to pay with cards with equal cashback on all purchases.

12. Wrong country chosen.

13. Switched the Internet to another operator or another Wi-Fi after activating the cashback.

14. You haven't checked your device for viruses for a long time.
1. Perhaps rates have been increased due to VIP status, how VIP status works can be view here.

2. Check on the cashback activation page at the rates of which mode you are comparing the promised %. You need to compare with the mode that you have selected and is visible at the top of the screen if you click the menu icon at the bottom right.

3. Approximate amounts in the waiting list, this is not money yet, but what the store promises to pay us. When credited to the balance, the amounts are often recalculated up or down, for many reasons.

4. Look in the rules if there are restrictions on the total amount of cashback from the store, it is often indicated that the cashback, in any case, will not be more, for example, 1000 coins.
You can get acquainted with all cashback interest rates on the store page where you activate cashback. The percentage depends on the mode you choose and whether you have VIP status.
For beginners, we give VIP an increase in our already huge cashback rates, an increase from 5 to 300% and depends on the store.

There are limits on the VIP upgrade - you cannot get more than 100 coins in the "Max" mode and more than 200 coins in the "Wholesale" mode, that is, if your mode "Max", and you buy an expensive item for which the cashback will exceed 100 coins, then the rate will be recalculated to the standard rate of your mode. Please note that this rate is also very high, it is not for nothing that we give a guarantee of 5000 coins for the largest cashback. VIP boost does not work on modes "For all", "From 0.01$" more info.
The modes allow each ZOZI client to choose the most suitable conditions for themselves, but the logic of the modes is the same, the higher the minimum withdrawal amount in the selected mode, the higher your cashback, you can select the modes here.
Friends, read this information and you will save your nerves and money:

1. A cashback service is not a charity or a bank where you paid your money. A cashback service is a service that helps you save money by sharing profits from stores in its service with you. All cashback services work in the same way, we will not be able to share with you the profit from the purchase if there is no cashback for this product or you have not read the rules of the store, or have violated the rules for activating cashback.

2. The very fact of going to the store does not give anything, this is only an indirect indicator, it is more important to follow the rules and successfully transfer your ID in our system to the store, this is passed through a special parameter in link is called cookies. If, after activation, you began to use other sites, applications, or your VPN turned on, instead of making a purchase right away, the store simply will not see that you have switched from us and will not pay us.

3. Due to the fact that your cookies can be interrupted, stolen or there is no cashback for the product, we cannot guarantee that the cashback will be on 100% of the goods. This is a real reality for all cashback services.

4. So that you don't worry about cheating, our service is the only one that gives money test guarantees for the absence of guilt for unaccounted cashbacks. If you didn’t get cashback and you think that it’s about us, then try testing your competitors. Just cancel the purchase and buy through any other cashback service, so you will know if there is a mistake or fraud on our part. If you also want to get 2000 coins under our guarantee, then you need to record the entire test on video, film the entire purchase process through us, then through a competitor. If we don’t have it, but a competitor does, we will gladly pay you. You can cancel test purchases at any time, the main thing is that you compare the same product on the same day with payment by the same card from the same device. If there was a coupon, then use the coupon in the control test, respectively, if there was no coupon, then in the control test you also make a purchase without a coupon.
Is the product in the waiting list HERE in our service? If there is, then everything is in order, the cashback is counted. If the product is not on the waiting list, then cancel the order and repurchase the product. If it fails again, then read HERE for reasons why this might happen, they are also on the waiting list. We can add from ourselves: all cashbacks who say they see the reason why the cashback was not counted, as a rule, lie, blaming you for this. Cashback can steal any site or programs that you visited this or the past day. There are many reasons, so there is only one rule - if the order is not on the waiting list after 1 hour, then cancel and check if you violated one of the reasons for failed activation. If you are shopping on AliExpress, please note that there are Exception Stores that may not pay cashback for items purchased from them and Exclusion Products, it's almost the same, but it has a 0% rate.

Usually the cashback goes from waiting to the balance within 5-8 weeks from the moment of purchase, but it can be delayed up to a year. Or, which is even rarer, to cancel altogether and this is normal, so for all cashback services, let's tell you why and what the waiting times are made up of:

1. First you need to find out what a cashback service actually is, you can read it here in the first paragraph.
Further, based on this information, it will become clear to you that the cashback is transferred to your balance on the day we receive this money in our bank account.

2. Cashback movement scheme:
2.1. You have paid for the goods. Usually delivery of goods is 1-30 days, if a foreign online store, then it can be up to 60 days.
2.2. Received, but you can return the order back. Usually stores give 7 - 30 days for this, until this period passes, they will not be able to pay us cashback, as there may be scammers who return the goods and receive a cashback.
2.3. The return period has passed and the store is checking for compliance with the order rules. If the rules are not followed, then the cashback will be canceled, while it may simply freeze with us. The fact is that most often, stores do not notify about this, but simply do not pay, or say that everything is fine.
2.4. The store is preparing money for sending, but you should understand that no company will send such a small amount to another bank as one cashback, i.e. Sending goes once a month immediately for a lot of orders. This is what the deadlines are for, but sometimes stores cannot send money this month, this may be due to technical problems, and it’s banal, because of an untimely replenished balance, such sending deadlines can take up to 6 months.
2.5. Then the store sends the money, and exactly on the same day, without delay, we transfer them to your balance.

3. How to be?
Don’t get hung up on a specific cashback and terms, but just develop the habit of saving by withdrawing funds 1-2 times a year, and not as soon as the amount for withdrawal has accumulated. If more than 8 months have passed, then write to us, we will check if there are still chances to pay this cashback. If not, then if you wish, it can be removed from the waiting list.

This is how all cashback services work, except for new, unfinished services with a small cashback size. Perhaps they credit a little faster and wait only 3 stages, but you should understand that the losses of this service from scammers will be passed on to law-abiding clients.
1. Confirmation time of a specific cashback can be viewed on the activation page of the store you are interested in.
2. If a dispute has been opened, the cashback is canceled and may freeze forever, you can ask us to delete it. The fact is that stores simply pause such orders, usually without notifying us.
3. Please note that all days are counted from the moment of confirmation of receipt of the parcel, not the purchase.
4. Also, cashback may hang pending forever if it was added by mistake. Sometimes the store does not see that a third-party coupon has been applied or there is simply no cashback for this product and adds to the wait. When they notice this, they simply do not pay without notifying us, this is a common practice for everyone
cashback services.
5. If the cashback is pending for more than a year, then you can ask us to remove it if, for example, it prevents you from changing the mode.
To withdraw funds, you need to accumulate a minimum amount on the main account (excluding bonuses), this amount depends on the selected mode, here is a detailed list:

mode "Max" - 3360 coins;
mode "Wholesale" - 3080 coins;
mode "Lite" - 630 coins;
mode "From 0.01$" - 1 coins on Qiwi, Yandex Money, AdvCash, 350 coins on WebMoney R and Russian Maps;
mode "For all" - 2240 coins.

With each new withdrawal, as a gift, only 70 coins (if any) is deducted from your bonus account.

Life hack for those who buy rarely and little:
1. You can give account data to your friends and make collective purchases, and after the withdrawal, share the money.
2. Complete periodically appearing tasks and get money on your balance without purchases.
There are no commissions in ZOZI when withdrawing funds on the "From 0.01$" and "Lite" modes, on the remaining 3 modes there are commissions, on average, when withdrawing funds to residents of the CIS: 13.8 - 14.8%, residents from other countries: 16.68 - 28%.

Also, if you are a commercial client and do business through our service, then you may have an additional commission of 4.88%, we determine a commercial client by the speed and frequency of withdrawals.

Attention, if you are against commissions, then choose modes that do not have it, they also have a guarantee for the largest cashback. In addition, you should know that in modes with a commission, the guarantee for the largest cashback is subject to commission. This means that after deducting all commissions, you should have the largest cashback among our top competitors + our bonuses.
1. Bonuses are real money, they are available only on "Max" and "Wholesale" modes. For one withdrawal, only 70 coins bonuses can be withdrawn from the main account, i.e. You cannot withdraw all bonuses in one withdrawal.
2. Bonuses are not taken into account when reaching the minimum withdrawal amount.
3. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn in the "From 0.01$" mode and in the "For all" mode, but they do not expire. If you then change the mode, then you will be able to withdraw them.
1. We have a huge number of output options, but some of the options are very expensive
for us, for example, sending money to countries where we do not have an account.
2. You can see withdrawal methods and fees on the page with your balance.
1. You only receive money from a referral when he receives it on the balance in the service, the waiting list is not considered.
2. All statistics on your referrals are located on the page of the referral program, in addition, when money is received from the referral, you will see a system message with information from whom and how much you received.
3. A referral is one who followed your link and immediately registered.
4. You can get referral % from any cashbacks, except cashbacks from checks. Also, you can not get a percentage of the percentage of the referral.
5. The referral program is available in all modes, except From 0.01$ mode.
6. It is forbidden to create accounts for yourself using your referral links. Violation of this rule is punishable by blocking all client accounts without warning.
7. Your referral will not be counted if he/span> does not register immediately after clicking on the link. First, registration, and then the installation of the application, otherwise, we will not be able to track this action.
If you specified your mail with us, then simply restore access to it, for this you need to exit the application, then click "Login" and click on the link below "Forgot your password?". If you lost your data and did not specify your mail, then send us through the "Contact Us" section from three to five order numbers made through our service, as well as the approximate amount on the account, you can see the order numbers in the online stores themselves.
This means that you have logged out of your account and registered a new one, you just need to restore access to your old account by mail. If you lost your data and did not specify your mail, then send us through the "Contact us" section from three to five order numbers made through our service, as well as the approximate amount on the account. You can see the order numbers in the online stores themselves.
In the device settings, you need to find the applications: "Chrome", "Browser", "Aliexpress" and in each of them clear the default actions and cache, depending on the manufacturer of the device, cleaning may be slightly different, but the general principle remains. Here's how to do it, using the Chrome app as an example:

Huawei Honor:
go to Settings > Applications > Chrome > Open by default > RESET SETTINGS, go back one step > Memory > CLEAR CACHE

go to Settings > All apps > Chrome > Reset default actions, on the same screen tap Clear > Clear cache.
For Xiaomi phones, there is another way - Settings> All applications> click on the three dots at the top right> Default applications> Open links> Chrome> Open supported links> Select "Always ask".

Other Android devices:
go to Settings > Applications > Chrome > Open by default > Clear defaults.

Steps to reset the error (using the Xiaomi phone as an example), in general, on all other devices, the scheme will be similar:

1. Change the mode as much as you like, but only if there is no already received cashback on the balance and cashback in the waiting list. Further, the system will not allow you to do this until the balance and the cashback waiting list are empty. The fact is that depending on the mode, your % of cashback and our tax, which we will pay for you, are calculated. Changing the mode already with a balance is impossible either technically or legally, this is a financial account, not an entertainment one.
2. Moreover, on the mode "Max" or "Wholesale" at first we pay so much cashback that when changing these modes to the "From 0.01$" mode, your balance would decrease by 2-7 times, depending on how much was accumulated and from which store.
Our application cannot pay cashback only from checks. We pay cashback from checks at our own expense, so we are forced to introduce some restrictions:

1. Receipt cashback works only in "For all" mode.
2. To withdraw, you need to accumulate 2240 coins, of which 500 coins from receipts and the rest from online purchases.
3. For example, you have accumulated 500 coins from checks, then you will have to buy through us in such online stores that do not work through a check, but a direct transition from U.S. For example, Aliexpress, Yandex.Market, Order food, Pharmacies, Auchan, Perekrestok, Taxi and others that are in our catalogs among online partners. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to upload new checks and withdraw cashback.
4. You can upload no more than 1 check per day.
5. Cashback for one check - no more than 50 coins.