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Popular questions about cashback
  • Cashback is a reward system in which the buyer receives part of the money he spent on purchases in stores back to his account. This means that part of the money spent is returned to the buyer.
  • Cashback service is an online service that offers its users the opportunity to receive cashback for purchases in stores.
  • The cashback service receives a commission from the store for advertising and attracting customers, after which it transfers part of this commission to the user in the form of a reward for his purchase.

    Cashback service Zozi cooperates with many stores. Stores pay money to us for advertising them, and you go to them through us, most of this money we return to you in the form of cashback.
  • Cashback is displayed in the personal account of the Zozi cashback service within a few minutes after making a purchase in the store, in some cases the cashback is displayed within 1-3 business days, depending on the store. This is due to the fact that the store must confirm the fact of the purchase and charge the commission to the cashback service. In any case, do not worry, we have a cashback guarantee.
  • We have a refer a friend program. For referring a friend, your balance will increase by 500 ₽, and you will receive a percentage of all his cashbacks. Also, when you install our application, you will receive 200 ₽. In addition, if you find a better cashback, we will pay you 5,000 ₽.