Found higher cashback?
Be sure to send us a link through the form below and we will pay you 5000 ₽ if this store and your mode are covered by this guarantee, if not, then we will try to raise the rate.
1. To which stores?
Aliexpress, Yandex.Market, M.Video, Eldorado. If you find other stores, then also write, we will try to raise the rate for them.
2. What cashback services can be compared with?
Only large and well-known services that are at least in the TOP-10 Google Play cashback services, otherwise, it may be a pyramid scheme, a fraudulent site, or even a site created specifically to receive money under this guarantee.

The service should have a withdrawal to different bank cards. If there is no output and you can only spend on the products presented inside, then this is an incorrect comparison. This means that the service earns on the sale of goods and services, without the possibility of free disposal of money.

Attention! When comparing the size of the cashback, do not forget to compare the minimum withdrawal amount and the withdrawal fee, for example: if you find a larger cashback, but the withdrawal from 500 ₽, then we need to compare it with the mode "Lite", where the output is also in the area 500 ₽, and not with the mode "From 0.01$", if there is a commission for withdrawal, then subtract the commission from the received cashback when comparing.
3. Hot cashback and other temporary boosts
We give a guarantee for the biggest cashback on an ongoing basis, which means that even if you remove all promotions, temporary increases, bonuses, the cashback will still remain large. Therefore, when comparing cashback, the guarantee does not apply if the reference cashback service had a temporary and limited promotion.
In this case, if you wish, you can use the second cashback service, namely during hot offers, and us at other times.
But please note that, as a rule, promotions are limited not only in time, but also in the number of purchases, in the maximum amount, etc. Calculate or check empirically how realistic the purchase of this promotion is more profitable than in Zozi. It is necessary to check it empirically, since the stated often does not agree with the received.
4. For what modes?
For all modes except the mode "For all", and "From 0.01$".

If you have passed all 4 points, then you need to buy the same thing at the same time through us and the control cashback service, then send us screenshots of purchases, cashback, a link to the product, we will double-check and if it is confirmed, you will receive bonus.