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Интернет задания

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Интернет задания
Cashback up to
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Completed task
up to 26.23%+2%
Your cashback is increased by VIP status (look)
While waiting and on the balance there is no 200 coins:
Completed task
up to 15.13%+2%
After coins 200:
Completed task
up to 8.17%+2%
Completed task
up to 12.31%+2%
Your cashback is increased by VIP status (look)
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Giving Guarantees
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rules of activation first so you don't lose your cashback. To know!
🏪 The store does not pay
cashback if:
Complete various simple tasks: installing applications, viewing ads, likes, comments, etc.

Just go from us and immediately register directly in the browser, and only then, if you wish, download the application.

Attention! From us it is enough to go 1 time and immediately register, after that, you can go to the service with tasks directly, the cashback from the tasks goes to the balance within 1-7 days.
Cashback Timeout
Average time: 2 days.
Maximum time: 67 days.
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