👮Reduce risks and anxiety, we understand that there is a lot of deceit in the world.
Only ZOZI provides a money guarantee against theft and errors on the part of the cashback service itself.
💪How to implement a guarantee, if the cashback is not credited:
1. Cancel the purchase.
2. Turn on the video recording of the screen and repeat again.
3. Next, immediately buy the same product through another cashback service (also with screen recording).
4. If we didn’t get a cashback, but it appeared in another service, then send both videos to us.
5. We recheck, if confirmed, we pay you 40 coins.
6. If it is not confirmed, then we send you a response video with our test + we find the cause on your device with a 100% guarantee, so that this does not happen again.
7. You can cancel the purchase at any time, you do not need to pick up the goods.