There are sellers on AliExpress who pay a reduced cashback for their products. These rules are the same for all cashback services, AliExpress makes no exceptions even to us.
1. Just buy as before, observing all the rules.
2. In 60% of cases, cashback will be normal, if the cashback turned out to be reduced, then you can cancel the purchase and repeat through another seller, or ask this seller to connect to the Aliexpress affiliate program, otherwise, not only will you not receive a reduced cashback, but the number of such sellers will continue to grow.
Attention! There is no need to write complaints in support of our service or to send numbers of unaccounted purchases from AliExpress, we won’t be able to check whether all the rules were followed and we won’t be able to say exactly whether these were exception goods or not, now all cashback services work like that. But we are the only ones who provide insurance in 1000r. for unaccounted purchases due to our fault, more.