We do not affect your statistics, account and waiting list in any way, all orders are added automatically and are also completed based on the information received from the store. Therefore, we won’t be able to find out why some cashback didn’t count to you, if it didn’t appear on the waiting list in 3 hours, just cancel the order and do it again.
We are so confident in ourselves that we provide 1000 coins insurance for 100% no fault on our part for unaccounted cashbacks. If the cashback is not credited, then:
1. Read below for reasons for failed activation.
2. Activate cashback and repeat the purchase of this product.
3. If the cashback does not appear again, then cancel the purchase again and buy the same product through any other cashback service.
4. If a cashback appeared in another service, but we don’t, then send us a link to this product and a control cashback service, we will verify this by making exactly the same purchases, if everything is confirmed, we will credit you money.
⚡ You can lose cashback if you use:
1. Non-classic Chrome or Safari browsers. In other, even well-known browsers, features that interrupt your cashback may be enabled by default. For example, tracking the best price, antivirus, ad block.

2. VPN.

3. Ad blockers.

4. Functions of definition or comparison in the browser. Such as best price, seller reliability, price history, etc.

5. Antivirus (if configured incorrectly).

6. Anonymous mode (with blocking the transmission of cookies).

7. Did not read the rules of the store. The fact is that each store pays for certain categories and under different conditions. It is important to study them, the store rules are located right on the cashback activation page.

8. Added the product to the cart before activating the cashback.

9. Used a coupon or promo code. Obtained outside of ZOZI and the store itself. Then your cashback can go to those who distributed this promotional code.

10. Followed links on the Internet after activating the cashback.

11. Paid for the purchase with a card or wallet that has a special increased cashback for this store. It is better to pay with cards with equal cashback on all purchases.

12. Wrong country chosen.

13. Switched the Internet to another operator or another Wi-Fi after activating the cashback.

14. You haven't checked your device for viruses for a long time.
Attention! You can also order a cashback search service, if you are sure that everything was done right, it is available for all stores except AliExpress Find an order